In Need of Test Readers

If interested, please feel free to contact me via email or leave a comment. I thank you ahead of time for your attention.


Let me introduce you to a new set of heroines in these funny, action packed, historically rich books under the collection, A Vampirik Hunter Series. This series is meant to empower young ladies with strong female lead characters and to reconnect readers to history of all ages.

I envision them to be the size of a Goosebumps book, always fifteen chapters and are about 200 pages or less. The vocabulary is understandable for readers as young as seven years old. Young adults usually don’t choose to read a big thick book, LOL. I bring the premise or new chapter of the series out in chapter fourteen of each book, as an introduction to the next in the collection. There is always a sneak peek into the series at the end of each book to help keep you hooked.

In these books, you see there is no such thing as good vampires! When the soul leaves the body, evil replaces it. I wanted there to be a real distinction between the good and bad characters of my books.

I have three written; Book 1: Helen, Book 2: Lee and Book 3: Rosalee. I am looking for test readers, ages from 9 to 50s. I hopefully geared them toward all age groups but they will be listed as Young Adult Historical/Paranormal Fiction. In the three books completed in this series, there is one kiss and only one cuss word. The main character gives the dirty mouth little boy a vocabulary lesson along with one in etiquette.

The back of Book 1: Helen

In a world of violence and beauty, Helen, an underestimated teenager and vigilante wonders around cleaning up the evil from the streets. As her beautiful memories turn into nightmarish images that loom in her mind of the night that would haunt and control her forever; the night her family was murdered.

This first mini-novel in the series begins in summer of 2001 and ends in December of 2010; taking place in the United States. The main character ends up helping the police with a ton of criminals but her true mission is ridding the world of vampires; her sworn enemy. Helen uses her quick wit, extensive training, and butt-kickin’ boots; along with pencils instead of stakes and with holy squirt guns, she dispatches these foul creatures into piles of dust beneath her feet.

In Helen’s world, vampires are still lost to the ways of creating more, it’s a mystery. A vampire bite almost always results in death, like poisonous venom from a snake. Only a select few know the real reason why they were chosen.

With the help of an Indian Tracker named Snowy Wolf, Helen survived her attack and was given the guidance and training needed to protect herself and the human race around her.

Will Helen ever come face to face with the vampire gang that murdered her family?  Will she ever find a true connection to the outside world again?  Will the secret of how to make more foul creatures be revealed…Will Helen be allowed to fall in love with Jason or will it be bittersweet?

Take a journey and see life through Helen’s eyes as you read the first book of this Young Adult Paranormal Fiction collection.


If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me! I am curiously looking for test readers of ALL ages. If you’re an adult, read it and tell your children about it. When you’re finished reading be honest, whether you liked it or you didn’t. Picture telling someone else about why they should or why they shouldn’t read these books. I want honesty, because truthfulness from either aspect will show me whether I should devote myself to find a Literary Agent to bring them to publish.