How I Helped My Daughter Get Into College

Jan. 21, 2017

 I had fallen asleep watching TV but woke up with this burning need to write. It’s a few minutes past midnight, just barely Saturday and last we left off, Taty was supposed to have completed some essays but she got sick. I still demanded at least one fricking essay and when I left for work Wednesday she was doing it. She had pen and paper which doesn’t make sense to me because when typed, additions can be made so easily and things can be corrected without a bunch of scribbles? I don’t know, I guess it’s the OCD in me. I also, find it easier to get over writer’s block when sitting in front of a computer.

What bothers me is the fact that I have been asking for a couple essays for days and I haven’t received the first finished one. I’m worried you guys! When the ACT and SAT are complete, she is in. She has already been approved, the test scores will get her ACCEPTED but what I can’t seem to make her understand is in-school scholarships may not cover everything and I am fricking broke. Even the essay stuff should be important to her, I thought it had registered for her when she went out and got a job so she could pay for her college deposit.

This is how our holiday weekend and beginning of our week went, both Tatyana and I worked Friday night, Chy went to her Nana’s and then Victoria came over Saturday to chill with Taty. Sunday Chy came home for family dinner at Shannon’s house with Grampy and I told Taty whether she had company or not, I wanted some essays. They were out of school for Martin Luther King, Jr. and two teacher work days, there was plenty of time to work with even though we were both working. Of course, it didn’t work out that way because everyone that attended dinner woke up sick, lucky me because I was at work that night.

Why is it so important, that I want a better life for my children if I can’t open their eyes to see? I can’t make it happen for them. This is one of the many frustrating parts of being a parent. I don’t hit my children, never have but I will put them in the corner or make them do book reports in a heartbeat 🙂. I try to keep my kids talking, whether it be embarrassing or not. Children need connection whether they want it or not; or the feeling of being alone can quadruple. You should show your children that there are, greater possibilities just waiting for them if they just take the time to notice. Teenagers really don’t want to grow up but still want you to treat them like adults. I know it’s a conundrum, LOL. We’ve all been through it, it’s part of our journey through life. With age comes experience. With experience comes knowledge. And with knowledge comes choices. Choices to NOT have your children follow in your footsteps but to learn where to avoid the cracks. I tell my teen all the time, “Don’t do as I’ve done wrong, learn from what I have done wrong!” Taty claims it should be my next tattoo, LOL.

I’ve always been honest with my children, with whatever question they have ever asked me. I learned that from my dad; thank you. Believe me, your child will respect you more for your honesty than to feel as if you’ve lied to them. I’m not saying to be their friend over being their parent but a child must know that they have someone they can talk to. If that can’t be you, make sure someone else is. Find out what they’re dreams could possibly be and take the time to help them achieve it. The connection it can bring to the parent/child relationship could surprise you. Yes, they (a teen) can be irritating and make you want to give up but don’t. I’ve only been back at the college binder game a week with Taty and I want to pull out what hair I do have left 🙂 already.

As a parent, I must be willing to concede; to put my feelings aside and do everything I can to help my daughter. If that means going gray earlier than expected from stress to get Taty into college, then so be it; I look good with some salt and pepper.

In my haste and the distraction of work, I forgot to ask Taty to hand over her essay. So, that job is left up to tomorrow or well, later today. I did the research and gave her around eight detailed options, she had plenty to choose from. She doesn’t work tomorrow and better not ask to have company. Taty hasn’t touched her chores really in days and sick is not an excuse anymore. She may dislike, that scholarship essays will now make it into the chore list but hey a mom must do what a mom must do.

A wise parent will tell you, “they’ll understand when they get to be your age or go through similar experiences”; many probably have. It’s not the circumstances that define you but what you choose to do when the outcome presents itself. Tatyana’s outcome can be to go to a prestigious Christian University and graduate with an amazing and stellar education.

Through this process, I hope to show the parents of future students that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So…roll the window down, blare the music and pray with me that Taty spreads her wings. I know she is a good kid, I raised her LOL. I think if we had already heard back from just one of the many scholarships that she has entered over the almost two-month period, she might have more drive. I just hope she can use that to push her to do more and give herself as many chances as possible.

That’s why I had so much research done before and bugged her so much because how many does she have to enter before she gets a bite, who knows? I should’ve been online looking up more choices of scholarships with future deadlines but I couldn’t stop myself from typing what was on my mind. Time to lay back down…converse with you later 🙂


Jan. 23, 2017

It’s just after midnight again and I felt the need to write. I sat Taty down and talk to her like I talk to you guys in this blog, it did seem to register. It wasn’t the normal teen stuff where you can tell they’re acting like their listening just to get the parent to hush. She really seemed to listen. The essay she did end up writing was good, it was for the “I Have a Dream” Scholarship and I wish her luck. The essay was really touching.

She has a full schedule this week with school and work but I hope to get at least two more essays out of her; wish me luck, LOL. Tomorrow is Monday, my normal day off, and we have doctor’s appointments in the morning for Chy and in the afternoon for Taty. I hope to get some research done and gather everyone some more options but until then here are a few.

(1)    Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship

high school freshman+             U.S. Citizen                          Any Age

Complete the application form including a 140-character message about technology addiction for the chance to win $1,000                                                          Jan. 30, 2017

Start essay with: Instead of spending time with technology, I’d rather…if selected, will be asked to write a full length 500-1,000 word essay on the same topic

(2)    The DuPont Challenge is North America’s premiere science essay competition, encourages you to delve deep into your interests in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and express yourself with creativity and purpose.                                       Jan. 31, 2017

Grades 6-12                       13 years+                         in U.S. school

Apply online official entry form through 

*include a bibliography of your source material (MLA style is recommended)

1st – $5,000                           2nd – $3,000                     3rd – $1,000

*win a U.S. savings bond

(3)    $2,000 No Essay Scholarship                                                     Jan. 31, 2017

Log into and apply for this sweepstakes scholarship

(4)    Let Girls Learn $500-$1,000 Awards                                   Feb. 1, 2017                    high school freshman+

Applicants must create a 3-5 minute video that create awareness and focuses on solutions about such subjects as the education of girls, economic independence for girls, redefining beauty and other critical issues. Multiple topic ideas are available


(5)    NC Jagannathan $3,300 Scholarship                                Feb. 1, 2017                      

Applications are available online at the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) website. Must complete application and be nominated

I hope this information helps in getting my daughter and everyone else interested in college with the drive to go after the money to complete their goal. I plan on making an appointment with the college counselor/rep for later this week, when I pick up Taty for her doctor’s appointment. I would also like to visit DCC’s computer library to print for the college binder. But tomorrow will be a juggle.


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