How I Helped My Daughter Get Into College

January 17, 2017

The first website I came across in my google search this afternoon was titled AboutEducation – College Scholarships with January Deadlines where I found thirty-four possible choices that yes, do not match up completely with Tatyana but may match up to one of your children. There are thirty listed for the month of February and eighty-nine for the month of March. I always try to get at least three months of information at a time because look what happened when Taty took her break; my frustration let me take one too but left her with not a lot of items to work with.

Taty missed out on the Young Patriots Essay Contest, Gates Millennium Scholars Program, The North Carolina Hispanic College Fund, Profile in Courage Essay Contest, Dell Scholars Program, EditRevise Scholarship Essay Contest and Prompt Scholarship Essay Contest which totaled up to $58,500. That’s just for January dates already passed, it’s not counting what was missed since November 20, 2016 when her break started.

The break did give me time to figure out how to make my blog a reality, so the information could be presented to all of you….Yay, finally and I am very pleased to be with

For my second website, within twenty minutes of being on I found seven more January Scholarships to add to my list and completed some entries that a mom can make. I registered as a parent and secured her for $10,500 in four sweepstakes scholarships. I mean parents, how easy is that. I will continue to hit these kinds of scholarships up while I get the future deadlines and information in order.

Fastweb connected me to, ,, and I hope these links help you, the readers, because I know Taty will appreciate the information they have provided.

Oh, yes it happened again, I forgot to add; essays did NOT get completed. Tatyana had a friend over this long weekend and Victoria ended up sick, so yup you guessed it; Taty did too the following day. I had advised Taty that she owed me some “Get in to College” time on Tuesday before she headed off to work. Yup you read that correctly too, LOL. She has started her first job and you guessed it already too, she found out employment can be stressful. But like I told her, you won’t work there but another year because YOU will be headed to college. So as the nagging mom I have asked, “Baby I know you’re sick but you still need college money, come on sweetheart. Work with me!” The sickness took over and mom got ignored L. This part of having to be the nagging bad guy sucks as a parent! So, I spent my afternoon doing research while she slept and I can’t exactly yell at her because the body heals and works while it’s sleeping.

I know it’s late, like fifteen to midnight but I’m going to wake Taty up and get her to take some more medicine. I will be asking her again tomorrow, well demanding she work on some essays. She has tomorrow off but I do have to work at the restaurant in the afternoon, so wish US luck 🙂 !


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