How I Helped My Daughter Get Into College

Jan. 16, 2017

I hope you’ve read Entry 1 because it contains a lot of information that is necessary if you want to help your children get into college and covers our journey from October 15, 2016 to November 20, 2016. If you did take the time to read it, you’d know that at the end of it; I gave Taty the option of working at her own pace. Well here we are and with NO new essays 😦

So now she doesn’t get a choice, it’s back to being the pushy mom. She currently has time off for the holiday and I did informed Taty earlier today that she owes herself and I an essay or two tomorrow. She has completed everything except testing to be fully accepted to Liberty University as a high school junior and I couldn’t be prouder but Taty needs this outside scholarship money just in case the in-school scholarships that she qualifies for do not cover the entire yearly balance.

Her choices are already limited because of the time she took off at the end of November and all of December. I only had eleven scholarships researched for January information and deadlines and seven are crossed off because the dates have passed.

Looks like me, “mom” has some more research to do so Taty, Nikki, Becca and the readers can have as many options as are available to students their age.

Wish me luck, LOL.


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